18-04-2012 BioMedica
Vabrema will launch its latest product at the Biomedica in Liège, Belgium.

02-01-2012 Vabrema awarded Eurostars grant
A consortium of Bioneer (DK), StemCare (DK) and Vabrema has been awarded a Eurostars grant to develop a scale-up technology for expanding hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) from umbilical cord blood.

28-07-2011 TU/e consortium awarded first place
A consortium of 15 companies around Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), including Vabrema, was ranked first place in the Dutch innovation grant program "Innovatie Prestatie Contracten (IPC)". During the next two years Vabrema will develop a new application of its ECPR technology platform for the culture of algae with Phycom BV.

17-05-2011 Winner Benelux Venture Forum
Vabrema wins award at Benelux Venture Forum 2011. At the venue 50 of the most promising Benelux companies in life science, clean technology and information technology presented themselves to active international investors and corporations seeking investment and partnerships.

14-06-2010 TERMIS-EU 2010
The department of Radboud Biomaterials of the University Nijmegen Medical Center presents the first results on using Vabrema's ECPR technology for enhancing cell growth for bone for Tissue Engineering Applications during the TERMIS (Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society) conference in Galway, Ireland.

02-02-2010 Cooperation VUmc
Vabrema and the VU medical centre sign cooperation agreement to test the application of Vabrema's ECPR technology for the production of keratinocytes.

03-10-2009 Release ECPR
Vabrema releases ECPR benchtop version designed for use in molecular laboratory.


Vabrema B.V. is a life science company that focuses on innovative technologies to reduce the cost of cell culture.

Based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Vabrema was founded in 2009 after a breakthrough in scientific research concerning the manipulation of cell functions with ultrashort high intense electromagnetic fields. The company has developed a wide range of products to map the behaviour of cell cultures to various electromagnetic fields. With use of its patent protected technology platform Vabrema strives to enable the production of scalable quantities of (primary) cells at low cost with a consistent high quality for research, industrial and therapeutic applications.

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